Failure to Import from D&D Beyond

Despite following the instructions (to the best of my knowledge), I’ve never been able to import any information at all from D&D Beyond. The folders are created in the compendium (Prefixed by DDB), but they are all empty. I am attempting to import the PHB and DMG as modules.

I have Beyond the Forge installed. I have all the right modules activated. I’ve restarted the server. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

Any help appreciated! Pretty much the only reason I own anything on Beyond is so I can import it into Foundry.

I assume you are trying to use the Forge importer in the Bazaar.
To gain access to to that make sure you have signed up to the correct Tier on Kakarotos patreon and then make sure you sync your patreon subs with patreon in your forge account settings tab

As you talk about “compendiums prefixed by DDB”, I think that’s MrPrimate’s ddb-importer which does that, and that’s not part of the Forge integration with DDB, so your issue is probably that you did half the instructions for our integration and the other half for MrPrimate’s importing, and that’s likely where the confusion is.
Once you link your account with Patreon in your Account page, then you should be able to do the import directly from The Bazaar and in your world, you’d enable the PHB or DMG modules (not the “D&D Beyond Importer” module), you’ll then have access to it through the Forge’s compendium library (button at the top of the compendiums sidebar) within your world (This might be worth watching Showing off The Forge Compendium Browser - YouTube)

Correct. I believe I have the Patreon stuff correctly finished, but I’ll double-check.

That totally worked. Apparently it had been working the entire time, I was just looking for the data in the wrong place.

Thank you very much for the response, and for your work on this feature!

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