Enabled game manager; how to set games' dates and times?

How do I set date and time for each of my games, now that the Game Manager does away with Configuration and Setup? I see no obvious way in each games’ Configuration page.

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There is not currently a way to do this with Game Manager, though it is oft requested.

@kakaroto another request for this one.

Good to know @aeristoka. I was going mad looking for an obscure, hidden button or something. Glad to know I was sane the whole time.

@kakaroto Perhaps hide the date and time? Frankly, my players and I don’t rely on that feature, so its visibility is now a distraction. (I think more significant for me and my heightened sense for order.)

@miromonti794399, since you’ve enabled the Game Manager, why not enable the User Manager too, then you wouldn’t need to see it at all! It’s a low priority for me because I’m assuming that if you use the Game Manager, then you most likely also use the User Manager and you don’t ever see that join screen anymore.
See here for more details :

Thanks @kakaroto! But again, I went a little mad looking for “User Manager” until I realized it’s behind the “Configure Players” button. When you can, please change that button’s label to “User Manager”. I appreciate all that you’re doing for an excellent gaming experience; please correct the signage as you go.

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Yep, I’m aware, that’s why that above tutorial was created, because I realized a lot of users didn’t know about it or how to use it after they upgrade their account.
Changing the “Configure players” into “User manager” wouldn’t work because the user manager is an option in it, but you may still want to kick players or rename a player from a game that doesn’t have the user manager enabled. I’ll be thinking on how to improve the signage though.
Other than that, I hope you’re liking the feature :slight_smile:

Regarding the tutorial, maybe add a screenshot where an arrow points to the Configure Players button? There are arrows and highlight devices for the Game Manager button, selecting URL, etc. As I took instruction primarily from the pictures, I skipped past the written instructions to “select the Configure Players button.” I trust others weren’t as impatient as I was.

Anyway, the feature is great, now that I understand it. Thanks for all that you do.

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