Edit a file in a module?

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First of all, apologies in advance if this is already answered, my search-fu can be weak sometimes but I promise I did try.

Is there a way to edit a file within an installed module? There’s a module I’m using (Foundry Achievements fwiw). It is very twitchy, and has a couple problems that I can’t automatically solve. A couple of quick changes to a list within it would do the trick. I’ve seen the instructions for uploading a custom module but I’ve failed on that once and, really, I missed the boat on the whole coding thing. I’d much rather just paste in the text; I know where it goes, it would be simple.

Thoughts? Or am I stuck with the custom mod import route?

EDIT TO ADD: with a little poking, I’ve realized that I need to edit an entry in settings.db if this is going to work. Is it possible I can just import edited files from my local machine and overwrite the ones in a world install? That smells suspiciously like chaos, but that’s why I ask for help. :slight_smile:

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With your Edit → That seems what you have to do.

But indeed, I would highly recommend making a backup, then one you edit.
Once edited, you can just upload it to the forge again with the changes. You could follow How to upload a modified version of a module/system for the process, as it aligns with worlds too.

If any more questions I can do an in-depth step by step tutorial for you, but I it seems you have control. ^^

Hello Kevin!

Thank you for your response. I have to admit, while I suggested the need to upload individual files, I don’t know how to do that. Obviously I’m missing something, but… well, I’m missing something. :slight_smile: I could take another stab at the modified module tutorial but I’ve failed it once or twice (or my edits were wrong, and I’m not sophisticated enough to know which it is.) If you could point me towards how to upload individual files I’d appreciate it.

Importing a modified module should be fairly simple :

  • Download the actual module from its original source (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Handyfon/Farchievements/master/farchievements.zip)
  • unzip it somewhere
  • do the modification you wanted to do
  • Go to the import wizard and select Local Folder
  • Select the folder where you had unzipped (and then modified) the module
  • make sure you enable the checkbox that says “don’t install from the bazaar and consider this a custom module”
  • done!

As for your second EDIT where you talk about editing the settings.db, it is very very much discouraged to do such things, as that’s editing the raw database files of Foundry which uses a specific format and a mistake there could corrupt the entire world. The best way to make a custom setting would be to create a macro of type ‘script’ and use the right Foundry API command to do what’s needed, such as :

game.settings.set("farchievements", "settingName", "value");

At this point though, if it doesn’t look like it’s something you’re at ease with doing, the best thing to do might be to ask the developer to fix things from their side, if it’s a problem everyone else is also having.
I hope that helps!

That is absolutely beyond me, but thanks! Wondering if there be dragons in that direction is a lot different from a map that actually says “HERE BE DRAGONS”.

I’ll try to talk to the dev. :slight_smile:

Thanks again,