Download Folders/Files from the Asset Library

I would like to download folders or multiple files from my asset library. Either im missing the option in the ui or it is not possible. Thank in advance (:

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Check out Backing up your assets library locally
You can download individual assets or do a full sync if you’d like to backup across the board, but can’t download folders or groups of assets/folders

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Hola phi, thank you for the quick reply.
I was already aware of both options.
Im downloading every file individual. Because I only need to download files/folders from my asset library if I forgot so save them seperatly locally. So the feature to download directly from the asset library would be nice. Not very important, but a QoL improvement.
Syncing the whole library isnt doing it for me, as i have nearly everything saved anyway.

You can go ahead and close the thread. Maybe take my request to the dev team, to ad a download option from the asset library ui.

Thanks again and have a nice weekend (: