Could Someone Provide Suggestions on Foundry VTT Performance Optimisation for Large Modules

Hello everyone :hugs:,

I’m asking the community for tips on how to run big modules on Foundry VTT through The Forge as efficiently as possible. With a few heavy modules I’ve loaded, I’ve been suffering severe latency and lengthy loading times lately.

I’m shocked by these performance concerns because my current setup consists of a mid-tier gaming laptop and a reasonably strong internet connection.

I also visit this for detailed info:

I would like to know if there are any lesser-known tricks or best practices that could help ease these problems. Should I check certain settings in The Forge or Foundry VTT, or should I think about upgrading my hardware?

Furthermore, I would be interested in learning about any modules for management tools or performance enhancement that have received community recommendations.

I would be grateful for any guidance, experiences, or troubleshooting pointers.

Thank you :pray: in advance!!

Hey there,

It sounds like what you’re experiencing may be a problem with the browser’s hardware acceleration.
I recommend checking here How to fix/turn on your browser's hardware acceleration and ensuring that your browser is configured to make use of it.

If that doesn’t resolve it, check your OS settings and set your browser e.g. Chrome or Firefox to run at high performance mode. Often, a machine might have a battery saver or office mode or some other setting that will prevent it from using the GPU, so make sure such settings aren’t turned on, if your machine has any.

As long as you meet the Minimum Requirements | Foundry Virtual Tabletop you shouldn’t need to upgrade hardware, but hardware acceleration is necessary.

Another thing to check is whether your poor performance persists with modules disabled. Modules run in the browser and can negatively impact performance. If poor performance consistently results from loading a specific module, it might help to exclude that module or to reach out to the module developer for help in troubleshooting it.

Another thing that’s worth checking is your world size, since large world sizes can contribute significantly to browser load (which can manifest as ‘lag’) and slow world loading times when loading over a network.

Hope that helps!