Connection to the Forge is Awful

This seems to have become a running issue for the last 8 months or so. Prior to then connection problems were usually solely on a players end, but now everyone in our games almost always has 100+ ping in the server. Sometimes the Forge website itself takes forever to load. I’m sitting in my game by myself with over 300ms doing nothing and no where near capped on my server size, and yes Hardware Acceleration is on. This started being an issue back in January and feels like it’s only gotten worse over time. I run speedtests and check other websites but the connection to here always seems bad or unstable. Considering switching providers if this is a consistent problem.

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In-game performance is largely dependent on the complexity of the currently displayed scene, and the impact of any active modules. If you have a low framerate in Foundry itself, you may also want to enable low-performance mode in Foundry’s settings. I’d strongly recommend checking if the poor performance you describe holds true in Safe Configuration, with modules and the active scene disabled.

As a module, the module to show latency is known to be inaccurate and is heavily influenced by Javascript loads in the browser. Checking the developer tools console (F12) for any red errors can provide insights. Resolving module conflicts often leads to a noticeable performance boost.

Since you mention server size, I believe you’ve already checked your world size, and you do mention that hardware acceleration is active. It should be noted that hardware acceleration isn’t always in use even if enabled by the browser, and I’ve encountered a few cases where the OS was preventing the browser from making use of it. You can double check that it’s being used properly by running a WebGL Report and checking that your GPU is showing as the Unmasked Renderer.

If you are willing, opening a ticket in the #ticket-support channel of the Forge Discord server and posting an invite to your game there will allow one of us to hop in with you to attempt to help with troubleshooting, as in the cases where we’ve encountered this there is usually an answer for the poor performance you’re seeing once we delve into it.

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I am not having ‘performance’ issues, I am having latency issues. And as far as I can tell, the latency module seems to be as accurate as it can be with the delay I have set too. I also already checked the WebGL and it is in fact using my card properly.

I will look into the ticket, but I also went ahead and tested connecting via a VPN and noticed a faster response time and lower latency (80 and below). So I am wondering if my ISP is throttling my connection to the Forge.

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