Boxing Week Sale!

It’s Boxing Day here in Canada!
One of the best days of the year for people looking to save on all their purchases!
On The Forge, it’s actually Boxing Week, during which you’ll be able to save 10% off any subscription you subscribe to this week.

The sale ends on 2021-01-01T04:59:00Z, and until then, any new subscription or subscription upgrade will let you benefit from our Boxing Week coupon, giving you 10% off on your invoice. This means that, with the existing 10%-12% off for yearly subscriptions, that can be as much as 22% off.
The Game Master tier would now cost $43.19 per year, which makes it $3.59 monthly. That’s crazy!

Note that the coupon will only apply to invoices created during Boxing Week, so monthly subscriptions would get the 10% off their first month only, while a yearly subscription would get the 10% (or 20% off actually) for their entire year.

This year has been a tough one for everybody, and I think everyone is happy to say good riddance to it! Let’s end the year on a high note, and let’s celebrate 2021, which we all hope will be a great year! :crossed_fingers:

Happy Holidays everyone, Happy New Year, and Happy Boxing Week!
Let’s keep the dice rolling! :game_die: