Boxing Week 2021 Sale on The Forge

Boxing Week 2021

If you missed our Black Friday promotion, it’s time for you to rejoice, because it’s Boxing Day here in Canada!
One of the best days of the year for people looking to save on all their purchases!

On The Forge, we’re actually running a full Boxing Week sale!.

Just bought a Foundry VTT license? Looking for convenient hosting? Grab a discounted subscription to The Forge! With easy importing of your existing content, an automatic 14-day free trial, and a Boxing Week discount of 10% on all subscriptions*, we’ll make your Foundry VTT experience easy, and inexpensive.
Or maybe you’re already a Forge user, and missed out on our recent Black Friday deal, or want to finally upgrade your subscription, now is the time!

Just apply coupon code BOXING21 at checkout, and get subscriptions starting at $3.59/month. Fight goblins, not servers!

The coupon will only apply once, so this is the perfect time for you to switch to our yearly plan, or upgrade your existing plan and take advantage of these savings!

Coupon valid until December 31st, 2021.

* Offer does not apply to data addons. Users currently on their free trial may apply these savings by cancelling their subscription, and then immediately re-subscribing.

Fight Goblins, not Servers!

My year subscription comes up on 27 Dec. Is it possible to use this to renew, or is it only for new subscriptions?

Great question. The discount is generally for new subscription or for subscription upgrades. Since you’re lucky enough that yours expires during the promotion period, if you don’t want to upgrade yours, I would recommend you cancel your subscription, and on December 27th, when you’re back on the player tier, I would suggest you resubscribe and put it the coupon code to get the new pricing!

Well crap, man. I could’ve done that. Any chance I might be able to get my discount retroactively? I’m basically in the same boat as grendel111111, I just didn’t know there was an avenue for me to save any money.

Hey there. I’m afraid we don’t generally provide retroactive discounts like that. Sorry :frowning: