Black Friday 2021 on The Forge

Black Friday 2021

The Forge’s Black Friday sale is officially live! Discounts galore are available. Just bought a Foundry VTT license? Looking for convenient hosting? Grab a discounted subscription to The Forge! With easy importing of your existing content, an automatic 14-day free trial, and a Black Friday discount of 10% on all subscriptions*, we’ll make your Foundry VTT experience easy, and inexpensive.

Just apply coupon code BLACKFRIDAY21 at checkout, and get subscriptions starting at $3.59/month. Fight goblins, not servers!

The coupon will only apply once, so this is the perfect time for you to switch to our yearly plan, or upgrade your existing plan and take advantage of these savings!

Coupon is valid until November 29th 2021.

* Offer does not apply to data addons. Users currently on their free trial may apply these savings by cancelling their subscription, and then immediately re-subscribing.

(Think of all the crowds you’ll dodge with our sale.)

Black Friday on The Bazaar

Want to purchase content for Foundry VTT on The Bazaar? The following creators are offering their products for sale on The Bazaar this Black Friday weekend:

The MAD Cartographer

Wild Magic Surge

Michael Ghelfi

The Rollsmith

Foundry Modules on Sale

Foundry Worlds on Sale

Assets on Sale

We hope you find something of use during this sale, whether you use The Forge, plan on using The Forge, or don’t use The Forge, but want Foundry-ready content on The Bazaar. Happy gaming!

(We hope our American users had a wonderful Thanksgiving this week.)