Bazaar Marketplace EULA

The Bazaar is a great place to find content from the community, whether it’s modules, systems, worlds or assets.
All installed content benefits from the Forge’s instant installation, and its media content does not count against a user’s quotas.

Some creators choose to partner with the Forge to offer their work as premium packages. By purchasing this premium content, you are financially compensating the module creator for their work.

You can also purchase gift cards, which you can share with your friends. Buying a gift card adds a credit to their account, which can be used towards their next invoice, whether it be for their Forge subscription, or for purchasing content from the Bazaar.

Bazaar Marketplace EULA


This End User License Agreement (henceforth referred to as the “Agreement” or “EULA”) establishes the legally binding terms between The Forge, and the User (owner of the account using the Bazaar marketplace services). This Agreement concerns and determines how the User may access content hosted and offered through the Bazaar marketplace. This Agreement may be updated to enable continued operation of The Forge and its relationship between its users, and The Forge recommends reviewing this Agreement each time the Bazaar marketplace service is used.

By utilizing the Bazaar marketplace services, the User agrees to the EULA, and verifies that the User is legally capable of agreeing to the EULA. If the User does not agree to the EULA or is not legally capable of agreeing, they must cease use of the Bazaar marketplace services immediately.

The User may purchase content available on the Bazaar marketplace to be used personally, via the Forge Virtual Tabletop service. Any usage of this content is subject to this EULA.

Terms of Use in the Marketplace

In order to access paid services within the Bazaar marketplace, the User must provide relevant information about themselves, including their name, address, and billing details. The User is expected to keep these details accurate and updated, and agree to allow The Forge to store these details for marketplace activities and purchases.

User-purchased content from the Bazaar marketplace may only be personally used, on the User’s Forge account, within their Forge-hosted virtual tabletop games.The User agrees that they shall not retrieve data from the Bazaar marketplace for distribution or usage elsewhere, whether through manual or automated means. Specific Creators on the Bazaar marketplace service may offer exceptions per product, and the product page for that purchase may be referenced for details on the license for content usage.

The User agrees that they shall not attempt to disrupt or knowingly engage in actions that would strain the function or supporting technological infrastructure of the Bazaar marketplace, or the Forge VTT website as a whole.

The User agrees that refunds for Marketplace services shall or shall not be disbursed at The Forge’s sole discretion. In general, refunds will not be issued, though the User may contact The Forge for help with any product, service, or transaction dispute.

Legal Terms of Service

The User agrees that the Bazaar marketplace may stop, whether temporarily or permanently, providing the Bazaar marketplace and related services at The Forge’s discretion, without prior notice. The Forge will make a good faith effort to provide warning of this where advisable, as determined by The Forge.

The User agrees to abide by the terms of service and other relevant agreements for third-party financial services that The Forge offers for payment, for products within the Bazaar marketplace. The User agrees that The Forge reserves the right to remove or add payment processing methods without notice.

The User agrees to indemnify The Forge, its employees, its contractors, marketplace Creators, and any other related third parties for any and all legal issues stemming from the User’s utilization of the Bazaar marketplace service, or for any personal harm resulting from usage of Bazaar marketplace services. All content is provided at the User’s sole risk, and are presented without warranty. This clause is in effect indefinitely, and is considered to apply past the termination of this Agreement.

This EULA will continue to apply to the User until terminated by either The Forge or the User. The User may choose to terminate the Agreement by ceasing all usage of the Bazaar marketplace. The Forge reserves the right to terminate the Agreement at any point of its choosing.

The User agrees that The Forge does not waive any legal rights or defense not expressed within the EULA. The User agrees that if a section or clause of this EULA is held to be invalid in any court of law, it does not automatically render the rest of this Agreement invalid.

This agreement shall be subject to all laws, regulations, and other legal rulings within Quebec and Canada. The User agrees to honor all relevant regulation pertaining to the Agreement.