Bad Connection; Constantly stuck Loading

I’ve been using Foundry on the Forge for almost a year now, up until this point I have had no issues on the site. I’m about two or so sessions away from ending my first campaign and last session I got hit with a technical issue that forced me to end the session five minutes early. Not a huge deal at the time, but this issue is persisting a week later and I have worries that it’s going to ruin my campaign. Randomly nearing hour 4 of our last session, the game was unresponsive for just me the DM. I was starting an initiative roll and hit the rollNPCs button but nothing happened, everyone else on their end said they saw it go through but mine was still not responding. So I went ahead and hit F5 and refreshed my page, it proceeded to get stuck on Downloading World Data for 5+ minutes straight, even after logging in and out again. I cancelled the rest of the session so that we would pick up combat next time.

Three days later I log back into Forge to check up on the map and make sure everything is fine, it CONTINUED to hang on Downloading World Data. I had to take the whole server offline and restart it to even get back in. I started working around in it again and it seemed to be fine. Fast forward to today several more days later and while working on the Epilogue I kept getting the notification ‘Disconnected from server, reestablishing connection’ it would pop up every 1-2 minutes which was getting very frustrating despite the only thing I was doing was typing. So I hit F5 to refresh my connection and I’m stuck on World Data again. This has happened way too frequently as of late and NOTHING with my game has changed within the last few months, this issue popped up out of the blue.

My next session is in a few days, I’m going to try and take the server offline prior to our session starting and hoping that these issues stop cropping up. I don’t update things frequently because stuff like this tends to break the game. Last time I did a full module and system update I backed up my game prior (thank god) but the entire world, and all my maps and actors were deleted. If I hadn’t backed up I would have lost the entire campaign, so I refuse to update during the campaign anymore. I don’t know what’s causing my infinite world data issue but it’s only affect me, the DM.

Hey there @duovandal :wave:

I’m sorry that you’re running into these issues, I totally understand how frustrating they can be.

Getting stuck on loading world data on your browser can often be related to hardware acceleration, world data, or modules. Because you are running into this problem but your players are not, it seems to indicate that something might be going wrong in your browser itself. I’d very much recommend trying to load in with your browser dev tools open (F12) to see if you notice any errors popping up in the console there.

Confirming that your browser’s hardware acceleration is active is probably also a good idea. You can follow this guide should you wish to see the steps.

If you have the option to do so, please try to connect to your world using mobile tethering or a different computer and connection altogether. This would help us to eliminate ISP routing issues or faulty hardware, or simply browser extensions or antivirus software with overzealous security settings.

We have a guide for troubleshooting world size issues here, and module issues can be easily ruled out by testing after launching in safe configuration.

If you’ve gone through these steps or find relevant error information in your browser dev tools, please let us know here. You are also very welcome to open a ticket on our Discord server’s #ticket-support channel and post an invite to your game, whereupon one of the support team can hop in your game with you to help troubleshoot.

Still having lots of issues loading, checking the Foundry logs and my MS ping is showing upwards as high as 9000 where as my players are showing around 1500 or less, but they’re connecting fine. Running the browser dev tools I’ve got one issue that pops up with a file related to pixi.min.js which is extremely vague. I’m 100% convinced at this point that the loading screen is a placebo and not actually loading anything.

I’ve stopped and started my server a few times and this issue continues to happen.

Pixi.js is the WebGL rendered that Foundry’s using, so an error there might explain why your world is loading infinitely. In which case, yes, the loading bar would show an animation but it wouldn’t be able to proceed at that point.

Did you manage to confirm your browser’s hardware acceleration settings, and could you please confirm your world size and whether you tried Launching with Safe Configuration?

If your players aren’t running into the issue, but you are, it might be browser/connection based, but it is difficult to troubleshoot from the outside. Would you be willing to hop into our Discord server’s #ticket-support channel and make a ticket (private to staff/mods) and post an invite to your game so that one of us can join in with you?

Browser Hardware Acceleration is on and working fine, my world size is 227mb for Data and 2gb of assets roughly 40% of my total usage. It has been at this size for a few months now and has been fine as I finished making the campaign months ago. I would hop in Discord but I won’t have any time too before my game goes live tomorrow which by that point would be too late as it is our last session. I’m going to keep trying work arounds till then like stopping the server prior to the session and refreshing my browser data.

Alright, thanks for confirming

227MB for a world is exceptionally large. Most worlds start experiencing problems around 20-40MB, increasing as the world grows.

I’d recommend having a look at the world size troubleshooting doc and possibly doing an Export, then checking inside to see where that data is allocated to. If it’s allocated to packs (world compendiums) it’s generally okay.

The .db files like actors.db, items.db, and scenes.db inside of the world’s data folder contribute the most strongly to loading issues, so if these are large, you may want to consider checking them for errors or archiving unused entities to a Shared Compendium which could dramatically reduce world size and improve performance