Audio Issues for Me (Dm) but not my players

So I uploaded an Soundtrack to Foundry in a Playlist. But when I click play, nothing comes out.

Later when I was having a session with my players they all told me they can hear the music. Even though I still can’t hear the sound. So the audio works, but I don’t know why I’m the only one who can’t hear the audio. Is it something in my settings on foundry?

Hey there Sammy. Try enabling the Cloudflare fix in the Forge module, which comes with every game pre-installed on The Forge. After that, make sure your playlist volume and other volume settings in Foundry are turned up. If that doesn’t work… report back! We hope this helps with your issues.

I’m not sure where to go to look at Cloudflare in the Forge. I tried to go to the modules, and look it up but couldn’t find anything.

Hello Sammy,

My apologies, I forget that this option is now defunct (we’ve fixed that issue). I’m sorry for leading you on a wild goose chase there.

My second thought is the volume suggestion, making sure your playlist volume is actually turned on. I would also check into your default output for audio with your browser, and make sure it’s set to come out of the correct audio device (I know on my computer, it really wants to output to my microphone for some reason). You’ll want to Google adjusting the playback device for the browser you use for Foundry VTT.

By the way, if you use Firefox, can you confirm if you have the same issue in Chrome ? I believe we’ve seen sometimes that Firefox users aren’t able to get music to play and it turns out to be a bad installation or something like that where Firefox complains about the codec for mp3 files not being installed.
That could explain why it doesn’t work for you specifically. The other possibility, like DestinyGrey said, might be that your local playback volume is set to 0, check the “Global controls” in Foundry under the playlists tab.

I have checked with the Playlist Audio made sure it’s on. Even put it on Full Blast. I’ve used both Firefox, Chrome, and OperaGX. Still getting the same thing.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what might be causing it. Can you press F12 to open the browser’s devtools console. Make sure the “console” tab is selected, then play something, see if it displays any errors (if it does, screenshot them please).
Also, when you say you checked the volume of the playlist audio, you mean this (under “Global Volume Controls”), not just the playlist that’s playing itself ? :