3D Dice/Module Not Working in a Specific Game

The “Dice So Nice!” mod has stopped working in one of my games on The Forge. I have 5 different games set up in Forge, but the 3D dice mod suddenly stopped working in one of them. I have tried disabling/reenabling the module, uninstalling and reinstalling it, stopping/restarting the server for that game, and comparing settings between the various games, but haven’t been able to resolve the problem.

I think the module is corrupted in some way, but I can’t figure out how to delete the old files to clear the error.

I’d appreciate any help the team could provide. Thanks!

Hello, could you try with a different browser?
The settings might be by browser, and therefore messes with your user.

If it is only in this world it has problems, it’s very unlikely that they are corrupted.

Same thing is happening to me

Thanks for the quick response. I just tried it by shifting from Chrome to Firefox, but I’m getting the same issue.

I should note that when I try to go into the settings for the “Dice So Nice!” module, I can’t open the My Dice Settings window, either. When I click the button, nothing happens. I get the same thing in both Chrome and Firefox.

EDIT: I can open that dialog box in the other games.

I can’t replicate it in my own games, could I have a private invite to your game to check it out?

Sure. I’ll send that in a sec. Another detail… when I load the “Dice So Pathfinder!” module, the 3D dice return. It’s definitely an issue between that specific game and the Dice So Nice! module. I just don’t know what I messed up.

Hello, so if you could try to type this in your console:

game.user.unsetFlag("dice-so-nice", "sfxList");
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That worked! Thank you very much!