"Wrong Password" for an account that doesn't have a password

Since upgrading my version to 8.8 whenever I try to join the game session of the game in which I am a GM I get an ‘invalid password’ message. While my server is password protected, that user is not. I’ve tried downgrading, which fixes the issue, but I assume that as modules are updated I’m going to need to upgrade at some point for my game to continue functioning. Resetting user passwords from the setup screen has no effect. Wat do?

So for security I just want to tell you: Your games will continue working without the modules updating, it’ll just stay in the same version. This is not necessarily bad, as you’ll get the latest stable version for your Foundry version.

Secondly this is a rare case where the game doesn’t seem to migrate correctly, which is a 0.8.* bug.
You’ll have to reset the passwords before upgrading I think was the solution.

Hey! I appreciate the quick response. While it is a relief to know that my game will continue working, the suggested fix didn’t rectify the issue. Reset the passwords from setup, immediately exited and shutdown the server, upgraded the version, and no dice.

There is a bug in Foundry 0.8.7 and 0.8.8 where the core migration might not have happened, which causes the passwords to fail and the “reset password” to not do anything. The only fix for now is to export your world (from The Forge) then edit the world.json file inside the world with a text editor and changing the line :

   "coreVersion": "0.8.8",

into :

   "coreVersion": "0.8.6",

Then import the world again. Hopefully this time the migration to 0.8.8 succeeds and you can access your world.
The issue has been reported to the Foundry team and we expect it to be fixed for 0.8.9. You can follow the issue here
I hope that helps!

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Thanks for the detailed walkthrough! I’ll do that once I can find the time, and report back.