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I am new to the forums so I apologize if I missing any etiquette here. I recently got Foundry VTT and have run a few sessions on two separate campaigns, campaign A is still up and available but campaign B is no longer selectable on the list of Worlds to start. The files still appear in the user app data location so I was hoping there might be a way to recover it, otherwise I was planning on just using the json when I started but then I will have to go reimport all of the enemies, compendiums, etc. The last session ended with no extras added on, we finished our session and I was just logging on to update it so I don’t think I added anything on to cause the error, and I have the Foundry set to not update on its own, so it is still running version 8.8 and similar with my mods whatever they were running at that time.
Thanks for any insight in advance, or directions for where I should post this.

Are you using the Game Manager?
And could you send a screenshot of your /setup screen in that case?

(Had to google Game manager) Not using game manager. Was the screnshot part of the game manager portion, or is the setup screen different?
(thank you for your help)

Aha! Sorry, Forge Lingo.
What I was asking was based on your tier. It is for the “Story Tellers”. If you don’t know about it, I don’t think you are using it ^^

Let me see then, I want a picture of the /setup page inside Foundry. I’ll show an example screenshot:

Just a tick - might be at work so having someone help me get a remote sessions :-p and get that screenshot lol

Here ya go (sorry for the lack of pixels, screenshot from a screenshare lol)

I think I found something relevant. Looking at my app data, and the other worlds I have. They all have a json file upon opening their folder, there is NO json for the Mad Mage folder. Why would it be missing though.

This looks like a Foundry issue less than a Forge one.
But yes, that json declares if it is a module or a world, or a system, and much else. It needs it to provide all the correct details about the world. I am not quite sure why it wouldn’t have one, it shouldn’t delete itself.

I have the original json (and zip if needed), from when I exported it from Roll20. Is there a way I could drop it in and have it recognize the file?

That would definitively work!
But do make a backup of the original first, just in case.
You should be able to do that. (it’ll try to make an update to 0.8.8 afterwards, but that is fine)

Alright, I copied and pasted it to the directory. No change in Foudnry for recognizing it, is there something I need to do, so it knows to check?..and looking into it the scenes all all blank and party tokens, it looks like it wiped itself somehow. Good thing tonights the session eh :-p

Did you restart Foundry after putting it inside the folder?

Yes, sorry for the delay. I am resorting to recreating it so my session can continue tonight. How do I go about backing the worlds up, is there is a built in feature, or do I simply copy and save the entire world folder somewhere safe?

In default foundry like you are using, you would have to backup the whole folder.

Thank you for your help Kevin! Backups will help prevent this, still not sure what caused the wipe but can only protect it moving forward. If you dont mind me asking, I noticed you mention default foundry, is there a different one that is more advantageous?

Just FYI, exports from Roll20 are not Foundry compatible, as they are roll20 campaigns, not Foundry worlds. The R20Converter tool can convert it from one format to another, and it sounds like you skipped that step which is very likely the reason why it’s not being detected as a world. It’s simply not the right format.
I hope that helps.

Appreciate the info, in the know on that part, one of your supporters actually :-p. Munching over some creatures and getting some modules imported to help recreate what was lost.

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