Why does fvtt degrade the quality of assets?

Image Resolution Fix? : FoundryVTT (reddit.com)

Like the link, if you use a high dpi/ppi image as a token, image will be blurred and messed up.
If I use ‘View Token Artwork’ function, image output as original.
However, if you place that token on the map, it will deteriorate.
I use the theater insert module. this problem is pretty annoying.

it’s nonsense to automatically degrade images on private hosting program.
Is there an option to solve this problem?
or I just want a quick patch.

We do not manipulate any of the images anymore, as we have switched CDN.
We’re still looking into doing it, but we are doing a lot of testing before releasing something like it again.

Any manipulation you see should be by foundry/browser if it is manipulated. Might be that it gets squashed into a token and the Ratio is off or something alike.