Why do your prices not include tax?

Why doesn’t pricing include tax?

Sometimes, The Forge is asked why we do not include the cost of tax in our subscription prices. We generally receive these questions from French users.

While we would like to accurately display our pricing, it is logistically impossible for us to display the price of our subscriptions including tax. Different countries, regions, and even cities have varying sales tax, which makes the display of tax that a user will be charged relatively impossible to ascertain. Even during the checkout process, we do not immediately know the tax rate that a user will be charged.

Fortunately, if a user is being charged sales tax, they will see it during the purchase confirmation menu when purchasing a subscription. Users can also monitor their upcoming invoices (including sales tax) via our invoice preview feature on their account page.

Why does my subscription’s invoice cost more this billing period than last billing period?

As The Forge expands, so does its tax liabilities. Most jurisdictions have thresholds in which you must begin charging sales tax, and The Forge is now large enough to begin meeting these thresholds.

Generally, when The Forge meets a new threshold, we will attempt to email all affected customers, as well as announce it on our social media channels, before we begin charging sales tax. We also recommend keeping track of upcoming subscription invoices via the invoice preview on the account page, if pricing is a concern.

If you have been charged more in a recent billing period than a previous one without your input, and this pricing does not include sales tax, please email us via [email protected].