When I select line a line color or fill color in the [Default Drawing Configuration] dialog my selection is not saved

I have restarted my browser (chrome), PC, and server instance and no change. Unless I miss something its broken. If this should be reported to FVT instead let me know. I thought I would check to see if it was global first.

I can confirm the issue. I had the same. I’ve also tested it on my machine and can confirm that the problem is coming from FVTT and is unrelated to the Forge.
I’ll report this to Atropos, in the meantime, you can install my module The Furnace with this manifest link :
Once installed, it will replace FVTT’s drawing tools with its own, and it doesn’t have the bug you’ve mentioned here.

Actually I found this : https://gitlab.com/foundrynet/foundryvtt/-/issues/2284
So it seems that it was already known and was fixed last week, so you should expect it to work when the next FVTT update is released.

Thanks, your really on the ball. I figured it was just a beta glitch and I would be stuck with it. I will try your module out.