When I place in a background image, it shrinks the resolution by 1/2

Hi, I’m trying to place a background image into my scene for a splash page for my friends. I made it in Procreate and exported it as a 1920x1080 .jpg file. Uploading it to the Asset Library is fine, but when I place it in the scene as the background image, it is immediately shrunk by 1/2, down to 960x540. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Doubling the resolution to what it should be results in a very blurry image.

I’ve read through this thread (Low Quality Import?) about The Image Optimizer, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to disable it like the answer suggests. Help?

There is no resizing of images by the image optimizer at this time (and even if there was, it would have only been on resolutions above 4096 pixels). When you set the image in Foundry, does it tell you it’s going to reset the scene dimensions to match the image? If that’s the case, then the image is likely at 960x540. Are you sure it’s 1080p ?
Can you share a link to it please?

Absolutely, thank you for the prompt response!

That says 1920x1080 indeed, so it’s right :

Unless you had a lower resolution before and you overwrote the file with a new one, and the old file is still cached somewhere so you’re receiving the lower res one (either by the CDN or by your browser). I would recommend you upload the file maybe under a different filename.

Understood. That may have happened by accident at some point. I’ll rename the file and try again.

I think your cached version theory was correct. It’s uploading fine now that I renamed it “Landing X”

Thanks, Kakaroto!