What is the general layout of the League of Extraordinary FoundryVTT Developers, and what do I need to do as a developer?

Author: Blitz

Is there a noobs guide to the League?

Author: cswendrowski


#screaming-into-the-void is really the most valuable channel :stuck_out_tongue:

All channels should have a description, but here’s an overview:

General: General chatter

#water-cooler: Any sort of chatter
#screaming-into-the-void: VENT
#self-promotion: Promote your streams / projects, once per hour

Package Development: For talk and resources related to developing new modules / systems / content packages

#development: General dev chat
#dev-shareables: Links and posts of helpful resources
#dev-guides-and-docs: Documentation efforts, the results tend to be posted in #dev-shareables
#module-ideas: For finding out if an idea exists already or to brainstorm an idea before posting it to the Trello board
#progress-reports: What it says on the tin
#pixijs: Pixi specific discussion
#qna-bot: For invoking the custom-built Question & Answer bot that helps extra info from Discord chatter

Coordination: Inter-person communication

#commissions: For discussing or posting commissioned work
#compatibility: For devs to fight to the death because their modules don’t work together

Community: For managing and growing this community

#community-development: Discussions on general community growth
#organization: Discussions on new channels / trello tags / other organization
#monetization: Discussions on making :dollar:

Automated: Where bots get to talk

Author: Blitz


Good info. I guess I more meant stuff like should I participate in the trello stuff for modules I’m writing, or is that some kind of group thing that only some members are part of? What’s the deal with qna-bot, discourse etc, should I do something with those?

Author: cswendrowski


The Trello board has a self-join link pinned in #water-cooler and #development, you should absolutely put everything you’re working on in there!

Discourse is a Forum software, KaKaRoTo runs an instance called “The Forge”. Since Discord search is pretty bad, SpaceManDev built QNA bot - you can invoke it to dump a bunch of Discord messages into a Discourse thread for future reference, and invoke it again later to search for content. You should use those when askings questions