[WFRP4e] [The Enemy Within] [Paid] [LFP]

Thursdays at 8pm! BST

We have 2 players, just looking for a couple more!

Play in the iconic World of Warhammer within the much acclaimed campaign, The Enemy Within, revised and updated for 4th Edition - A grim-dark setting of chaos and corruption filled with perilous, epic adventure!!!

:crystal_ball: Uncover the secrets!
:dagger: Battle the forces of Chaos!
:european_castle: Save the Empire!

Prepare to unravel a web of corruption that threatens the very heart of the Empire. From cults to conspiracies, from noble intrigue to daemonic chaos โ€“ every twist and turn will test your mettle and cunning.

Danger lurks around every corner, and survival is far from guaranteed. The Empireโ€™s fate rests in your hands, and the choices you make will shape its destiny. Will you rise as heroes or succumb to the shadows?