WFRP 4th Edition - Error 524

I hope someone can help me.
When I install or update any official module of WFRP 4th Edition, I get “Failed to install module : Error 524”.
If I try 10 to 20 times, eventually it works.
The problem has existed since I set the server to 0.86 and/or 0.88.

I’m experiencing the same problem. My server is set to 0.88. On my desktop version the update worked properly on the first try with the same server version.
For the Alien RPG - Destroyer of Wrolds module, I get the same error message.
Best regerds

Same problem. Running the latest system for Warhammer and Foundry VTT Server Version 0,89.

For this issue, I would recommend having a look in Foundry’s discord for help or writing an issue on their github, as I am not familiar with the issue, sadly.