Westmarches of Ansalon [FREE] [LFP] [DND5E] [HOMEBREW] [WESTMARCH STYLE]

:crossed_swords: Game System:
Dungeons and Dragons 5E

:calendar: When do you play:
Optional times to play:
Wednesday - 6pm MST - 11pm MST (3 - 5 hour session)
Thursday - 6pm MST - 11pm MST (3- 5 hour session)
Saturday - 2pm MST - 11pm MST (3 - 5 hour session)
Sunday - 10an MST - 11pm MST (3 -5 hour session)

1 - 3 sessions a week will be fulfilled by the DM depending on their schedule and how far in advance session was planned.

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
Westmarches; Dark fantasy; Homebrew with Dragon Lance world elements; 60/40 Combat/RP.

:stop_sign: Requirements:
:one::eight::heavy_plus_sign: Age (18+)
:desktop_computer: A decent computer & internet
:studio_microphone: Mic
:checkered_flag: Level 1 Start
:game_die: ForgeVTT; Legend Keeper; Discord; Google Calendar (all free)

:seat: Slots Available: Multiple
β™ž Progression: (Stat Rolls in order - at least two 15s; EXP; & Milestone)
:bookmark: All official Features/race options
:x: No Multiclass
:white_check_mark: Optional features/feats allowed
:pill: Roll & fixed HP (Half hit die or better)

This will be a LONG TERM campaign and we expect consistency without the commitment. We hope to have most players engage with others and play every 2 - 4 weeks; however, who you play with and when is completely open for your schedule and commitment needs. Players will be integral to the creation of the world and story developments through the deeds and actions of their characters. The world is dangerous and your characters are not Hero’s, yet. Death waits for no person and it is likely you will have multiple characters throughout this campaign.

Genre Westmarches of Ansalon is a combination of dark fantasy, sword and sorcery, diplomacy, and elements of high magic waiting to be discovered.

Setting Ansalon is a post cataclysm world of an old continent. It has been 30 years since the cataclysm and you have spent time all of those years attempting to survive and rebuild in the region you call Solamnia. Most who wonder to far from the town never return and no one knows of the dangers that lurk beyond.

The Guild The guild was only recently established for wannabe explorers to begin interacting with the post cataclysmic world, looking for other survivors/settlements/kingdoms, and most importantly – find old magic, technology, and riches from times past.

The Town of Relgoth Relgoth is your current sanctuary and where you and the other townsfolk managed to survive the cataclysm. You suspect most of the world you knew to be changed, scarred, mutilated, or obliterated all together; with this region not being an exception. There are still some recognizable landmarks such as the old high cleric’s tower, Castle Brightblade, Delgaard; however, they have become tombs of the old world rather then civilized institutions.

If this type of campaign is of interest to you or you have any questions. Please feel free to shoot me a DM and I will gladly discuss it more with you / invite you to the discord to check out additional rules and how we play.

I loved Dragonlance when I was a teenager, I would gladly go back for a westmarch!

I’m a 36 years old woman who has played rp games in one form or another for 25 years now.