Welcome to The Forge

This forum is for any topic related to running your instance of Foundry Virtual Tabletop on the Forge. Site Feedback, Looking for Group, Help & Tutorials, and Roleplaying and GM-ing Discussions.

Some areas of interest:

  • Have a suggestion? Site not working like it should? Site Feedback is the place to go.
  • Looking for someone to play a game with? Both GMs and Players can create and respond to posts in Looking for Group.
  • Have a question, tip, or suggestion about running Foundry VTT? Give Help & Tutorials a try.
  • Share your roleplaying success stories or ask for help from other experienced GMs and role-players in Roleplaying and GM-ing.

If you have any questions, don’t forget that you can @ mention any one of our awesome staff to get help.

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