Weird Issue With Foundry Headers And Menus

While I was preparing my game for my session tomorrow, all of the menus, buttons, and dropdowns seem to have become their code titles. I haven’t encountered this before, and the only thing I’ve downloaded today for use was a map pack. I tried uninstalling some mods that said they may not be compatible with the current foundry version as well as the maps. I’m really not sure why it’s doing this. I’ve closed the page and reloaded, stopped and restarted the server, everything. It happens on the login page and inside the game itself. It makes it very hard to navigate around when every menu option and button is so crowded with this code. I’ve included an image of the login page to show what it’s doing.

It sounds like the translation file didn’t load correctly. We’ve been seeing similar issues recently which get cleared up by force reloading the page or clearing the browser cache. Try this and see if it fixes it for you :

Press F12 in your browser while in your foundry world, then right click your browsers refresh button and do this: