[Weekly Wednesday 1PM EST][$18/Session][New Campaign][Play to 20th level] BloodLords; Play an evil/undead character; Session Zero is Free!

This is a Pathfinder 2nd Edition Weekly Campaign is focused in the Golorian Country of Geb. The Player’s Guide encourages players to play evil or undead alignments. This campaign represents a great opportunity to both learn to play PF2e and play an evil or undead character.

This adventure path takes the party all the way to 20th level. It is a combat intensive campaign with a focus on collecting political power. I focus on running a consistent weekly campaign. My session start and end on time, and run a crisp 4 hours with one ten minute break.

Check full details on the Campaign page on Start Playing. We will kick off the Session Zero this week or next depending on how quickly the seats fill.