Webm files in the image browser

Hello! I maybe mistaken, but I remember in older versions that webm files (animated spell effects for example) played fine in the tile image browser. Now they don’t, I only get the “camera” grey icon there. When I drag it on the map, they work fine though, but I really need to be able to see them before I choose. Was something changed? Did I change something wrong?

That has never been the case I think, Foundry can’t showcase such files :confused:
Might it have been gifs?

Well perhaps they were gifs in the module’s earlier versions and made webm later on. As long as webm’s cannot be showcased in the browser right now, it’s ok. Thanks!

I wish the tile browser could show webm files, but I haven’t seen that functionality. Some asset packs include webp static images as reference for the webm files, which is nice, but I’d like to see the actual webm file before I place it.

That would be on Foundry’s side, I am not sure if it is a planned feature or not (maybe it isn’t available for a reason). But make sure to check over in the Foundry discord :smiley: