Waterdeep Dragonheist, and then more

:crossed_swords: Game System:

:calendar: When do you play:
We play once a week on Thursdays. First game on Thursday Jan. 28, 2021 8PM - ~12pm

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
The game will start using the Waterdeep Dragonheist, urban investigation module, and following its end the party will be able to decide on a campaign of the group’s choice afterwards (another module or homebrew). The world is homebrew and Waterdeep Dragonheist is just happening within it.

We will start at level 1, and work together with the group on a shared backstory and/or motivation. You will be level 5 by adventure’s end, and the party will be able to decide on a campaign of the group’s choice afterwards (another module or homebrew).

:memo: Additional Details:
Discord will be used for voice.

DM info
I’m a full-time DM with over 8 years experience as a DM with more than 10 game systems under my belt and 12 campaigns that have exceeded 8 months in length.

As a DM I hope to Achieve a balance between RP, exploration, and combat. I expect the story to be under the control of the player’s actions in both modules and homebrew campaigns.

I am also running many different D&D games. If your schedule changes or you are looking for even more D&D, with a reliable DM then you have a selection of options.

What will pay-to-play get me?
A DM who is available and happy to help with any question and work with to create characters and fleshed out backstories.

Custom archetypes, abilities, feats, spells, and more can be requested and used as a part of the entry cost. Even entire custom classes can be created if some time is given.

My games last till the end at least; Players may drop and situations may change but the game will not end until its conclusion. If you are seeking to build a story with the depth and flavor only possible with a long time, then you can find it here.

Pay-to-play games tend to have reliable attendance and 1 or 2 members missing does not mean that the session is cancelled.

Current Capacity 2/5 Players (3 slots remain)

The cost is $10 usd per session paid via paypal (the first session is free)

Please contact me on Discord and not below
My profile is: Hicho#4043