Waterdeep: Dragon Heist [5e][Weekly][Tuesdayss][7:00PM PST][PAID][$20]

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

Is this a pay to play game

Yes, a fee of $20 per session will be paid to the DM. All payments are made post session and

Session 0 is free.


5e D&D on Foundry VTT

Mature Content:

18+ High Fantasy Violence

Beginner friendly:



Decent internet/mic, DDB beyond account to link character sheet with foundry

Time and Date:

Tuesdays 7:00 pm Pacific Standard Time

Character Level and Stats

Level 2 Character, all WoTC species and subclasses are permitted. UA will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Stats will be either standard array or point buy. Characters will start with one bonus feat based on their backstory (assigned by the DM)

# of sessions:

This campaign will run into the Dungeons of the Mad Mage, which goes to level 20

Session run time

3-4 hours

Number of Openings:

5 seat available

Message mysticvhedd#6266 if you’re interested


What makes a treasure? Waterdeep is a treasure. It’s in the name: the ‘Crown’ of the North. Too bad it’s a crown you can’t steal! That means it isn’t my type of treasure. You see, my type of treasure’s not in the name. Around here, they call my type of treasure the ‘dragon.’ Terrible name, if you ask me; you hear “dragon,” and you think, “Tymora’s Pockets, run!” You can’t pocket Tiamat’s children. My type of treasure’s defined by an action.

You can steal my type of treasure. You can steal a gold ‘dragon.’ Dagult Neverember certainly did… stole half a million of them from the coffers of the people’s treasury. You can hide my type of ‘dragon’ too. Neverember hid the half-million gold ‘dragons’ he stole, and not even Xanathar knows where. Now, this city of treasure has turned into a Latanese powder-keg. The Crown threatens to explode over the stolen ‘dragons’ hidden within it.

The question, my dear adventurers, isn’t just “why”—it’s “what?” What’s a treasure to you, and what do you plan to do with it? Best think over that question carefully, for I will let you in on another secret—as the City of Splendors melts over the gems of chaos that Neverember’s machinations set into the Crown of the North, deep below the Yawning Portal, another stolen treasure threatens this city’s wellbeing, and the Mad Mage’s machinations reach far deeper, far wider, than Neverember’s ever could… so tell me, what makes a treasure, and do you have what it takes to find it?

GM Style:

  • I’ll put it like this. The rules are guidelines. I reward creativity the most and love people using out of the box thinking to solve problems. However, the Dice gods have final say whether that genius pays off or not.

  • “Rule of cool” is designed for narrative emphasis: the rules as written are still the norm.

  • Inclusive role-play opportunities: I love all playstyles at my table, so long as the cooperative nature of the game is a common denominator.

  • Challenging and engaging combat: you do not need to solve every situation with a hack-and-slash approach.

  • Quality storytelling: We aim to translate our deep familiarity with hundreds of page campaign materials into a vivid experience for you to enjoy.

  • Actions have consequences: some consequences are good, and some are bad, but for the sake of building immersion, I never “pull punches." We believe that some of our players’ most memorable experiences at my tables are caused by the “Dice Gods!

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