Warhammer Looking for players

Hi Everyone,

I’m an experienced GM (albeit new to Foundry VTT) based in UK looking to play a variety of games if you are interested in playing any of the games below please contact me.

Warhammer 4e
Ars Magica
D&D 5e
Call of Cthulu (not sure which edition)
Storyteller system (vampire, Werewolf etc)
Savage Worlds
Star Wars FFG

Im interested Dnd 5e mostly but im up for learning warhammer / storyteller havent heard much about the others !

Hi, I’d be interested in playing / GMing some WFRP 4e. I have a homebrew campaign in mind to run and would also enjoy playing in others campaigns too. Not really looking to play DnD though. Let me know if you want to go ahead with any WFRP!

You still looking ? (im still alone op hasnt responded)

Salut Julian,

would love to play Warhammer again especially 2ed (since I grew up on 1ed Enemy Within Campaign), Ars Magica would be great too since I always wanted to play it but never found a group. Call of Cthulu is always fun and I would actually love to play the Achtung Cthulu (Savage World) campaign. I prefer games that focus on the story telling and character development and less on dice rolling and combat.

Maybe we can make something happen. What time zone would you be playing?