Vtt license invalid?

I purchase foundry Vtt on September 10 of 2020 along with a forge subscription for a month. After coming back many months later i can no longer purchace a subscription with my same license do to it being invalid. any help?

Has the License been used on another user?
Could you screenshot the error?

The Forge is required to do regular checks with the Foundry servers to verify that a license is still valid. Licenses could become invalid if the user asks for a refund, or disputed the charge, or the license key was leaked publicly so it had to be revoked (the Foundry team would have contacted you and given you a new valid license key in that case).
If the Forge says the license is invalid, then that means that the Foundry server reported it as being revoked. Check your foundryvtt.com account to see if you do have the same license key or if it changed, and try to add it again if needed, which would cause it to be reverified, but I can see that it was just checked today with the Foundry server reporting it as invalid.
I hope that helps.

Interesting i checked my license and in seems to be the same and i only have two emails from them one being a thank you for purchasing and one being a password change that i did

If you’re unable to find any information on your account, you should also try reaching out to them on Discord, or via their contact form on their website.

i did :frowning:

Yesterday i posted a topic on my vtt license not being valid for a forge subscription and was told to get ahold of the VTT support team. They said everything is good on their side. Idk what else to do. any help

Hi gabae,

Sorry about that. I’ve finally found what the issue might be and it was caused by a change that occurred yesterday which caused a very small set of licenses to be falsely detected as being invalid. I’ve fixed it now and I’m currently in the process of pushing an update to the servers to fix it for your account. I expect things to go back to normal in the next 5 minutes or so.

Thanks for understanding!

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