Uploading Monsters, Spells, and Items from DDB via VTTAssets

I sent you a message regarding this early but I want to include on the forums as well for others to follow. I am having an issue uploading Monsters, Spells, and Items from DDB via VTTAssets Module/Chrome Extension.

For example, I should be able to create a compendium and pull any Monster that I have access to on DDB into my game world but the functionality seems to be broken with Forge/FoundryVTT. At least I have not been successful at doing this so far.

Obviously, I could be doing something wrong (high probability that I am) but I do think in this case there may be something off with The Forge and the VTTAssets DDBeyond extension/module.

I saw your message earlier, but hadn’t had time to compose a response as I didn’t have time to actually test anything.
I looked at the vtta-beyond readme page though and it said to create directories for importing avatar images, the problem is that you can’t create folders in your data directory.

While I’ve temporarily allowed modules to upload files into your data directory, they still need to use a directory that already exists. This won’t be a problem once I make the uploads transparently upload the files to the assets library instead.
There’s just some security concerns that I have which are blocking me (and other higher priority issues).
You can read more about it here :

I see. At least I can stop banging my head into the wall trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I will be patient and wait until either you or the modules are updated to play nice with each other!

Thanks for this explanation.

Hey, I tried vtta-beyond and it seemed to work. Yes, it would only work if you specify a directory that already exists, but keeping the value empty in the module settings seems to do the job. Maybe that will help you get it working in the meantime while I work on the auto-upload-to-assets-library stuff.