Upgrading to D&D 3.0

I’ve been holding off on the 3.0 D&D upgrade because oi the amount of work I put into my 5E worlds. but I’d like to give it a try.

I normally use Chrome, Beyond 20, D&D Beyond open on another tab for all my players. Everyone rolls off their Beyond sheets. I Usually run the monsters from Foundry.

I’m a Mr Primate Patreon so I use his munchers to get the adventure/monsters etc into Foundry/Forge.

My biggest worry is it will wreck everything, maps, tokens already on maps etc. Because I heard the D&D Beyond integration is better now. Any thoughts on wether this is a valid worry?

Lastly I can’t actually figure out how to update to the 3.0. LOL I’ve looked around and it says my 2.4.1 is up to date. What version of foundry do you need to be running to make the jump?

I’m on 11.309 build on my 5E worlds.


Okay I updated to 315.

I still cant find an option to update to the 3.0 D&D I even tried it from the manifest using the link. I said installed but all my D&D worlds are still using 2.4.1.

What am I missing?