Upgrading an Account Tier (Game Master > World Builder)

On the Plans page ( https://forge-vtt.com/plans ) it details 3 different tiers for GMs at 3 different monetary rates.

At the moment, I am more comfortable purchasing the Game Master tier @ $47.99, but some of the quota rates and new/unimplemented features for World Builder @ $139.99 intrigue me and I might be more interested later.

What would the process be for upgrading a tier mid-year if you paid for the full year subscription in advance instead of month-to-month model?

Would you refund a prorated amount for the unused portion of older tier? or would there just be a prorated amount for the ‘difference’ between tiers for the year and then the new yearly cost after that?

You can upgrade a plan at any time and the end date will be reset and you would receive a prorated credit for the unused time from the previous subscription.
You can see the details with FAQ/examples in the Sales policy here :https://forge-vtt.com/sales
Hopefully that answers all your questions but if something is unclear, do let me know and I’ll try to clarify it.

Nope, that answered my question.

Sorry I missed the Sales FAQ page, but thanks for the quick response!