Updating version in a cloned world to test it out

I cloned one of my worlds (the only one I’m using) i was hoping to upgrade it to v9 stable with the cloned world to test it out but when I do I get a warning to not use different versions or it won’t be able to handle modules correctly

If I try it if I delete the clone will that fix the problem. If I later shift the other to version 9 will that fix the problem. C

Cloning just seems like such a perfect test before upgrade. Its too bad forge doesn’t support it and I’m wondering if I’m misreading.

Hi. That’s a great question!

The important portion that you need to know is that the modules listed in the Bazaar (and their version) will only be compatible with your default Foundry version (the one set under the Game Manager tab).

So even if you clone a world, your issue is that the world would still be using the same game system and modules as your other non-cloned worlds, which is where issues could happen.
What I would recommend to do, is to clone the world, set your default Foundry version to v9, then go to the Bazaar page and do a mass update. You can then launch the cloned world, which will run as v9 with v9-compatible system/modules.
Make sure no other world gets launched in the meantime/at the same time.

If everything works, great, if it doesn’t, then reset back the version to 0.8.9, go back to the Bazaar page and do an ‘update all’ (which will actually downgrade the system and modules to a version that is compatible with 0.8.9), then you can run your original world on 0.8.9.
As long as you don’t launch a specific world on version 9, it won’t be migrated/modified, so there is no risk there. The only world that would have been modified by Foundry v9 would be the cloned one, assuming it’s the only world you launched with that version.

Make sure you export all your worlds before doing an upgrade to v9, just to be on the safe side, and if something happens, you’re able to recover from a backup (and even if everything is fine, it’s always a good idea to have a saved backup of your world).

I hope that helps! Let us know how your experience with v9 is!