Update profile from Patreon with new updated Patreon user name and image

I logged in using the Patreon option, and would like to change the information that it took from that, user name and image to be specific. Finding no way to do that in The Forge, I went to Patreon and changed the information there. The new information in Patreon is not being carried over here to my Forge profile. Even when I log out and back in, allowing Patreon access again.

Of course, after posting this, I found the Account page, which seemed to have changed from the previous one I was finding. This Account page did allow me to change my Display name and Image. Not sure why I wasn’t getting this account page, but one that would show my display name and image but not offer me the option to change them.

Anyway, my issue is resolved. Seems like it was just a ‘me’ issue.