Unable to Set/Change Nested RollTable Icon


I created a rolltable (Phenomena) and for each ‘Text’ item I was able to change the icon no problem and tested it showed on roll. I then created another rolltable (Perils). I nested ‘Perils’ within ‘Phenomena’ as a document without issue, but when it rolled (Perils → Phenomena) it didn’t use any of the icons of the text items in Phenomena, only showed a black dice icon.

I went to try and change the icon for the document within the ‘Perils’ table but it doesn’t bring up the image browser at all. When I switched the item from document to text it brings up the browser as expected but not when I change it back. Then when I saved the table it defaults the icon to one I didn’t select but that doesnt even show in chat as the result. Its just the black dice icon. Any help is appreciated!