Unable to see interactive maps

I am using a HP Chromebook x360 with Hyperdrive enabled. The “World Map” loads normally, but the environments used for role play or combat are not loading beyond what is seen in the screenshot.
Performance mode = Low
Max Frame Rate = 30

Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you!

This looks like a case where the background image of the scene is larger than what your GPU supports.
You can see the maximum resolution of an image that the GPU supports by checking here WebGL Report the “Max Texture Size”
My guess is that the chromebook supports maximum 4096 pixels or maybe 8192 pixels maximum (in either direction) and the scene uses an image larger than that.
Ask your GM what the scene image size is, and to either resize it or split it into 4 tiles instead.

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Thank you for the advice - I will confirm with my GM and see what we can do.

We had an issue with a player using a lower resolution device and couldn’t get things to display properly until reducing the dice so nice rolling area. So if you GM has this module enabled, it might be worth testing out as well.

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Thank you for your input, this appears to be the problem and my GM and I have been able to troubleshoot for the size of maps!