Unable to Roll Attacks

I haven’t had to use the client in a while and have recently gotten back into DMing. When I click to roll attacks and spells, the prompt appears up in the chat, but upon clicking “attack,” no roll appears. I’m not super technically inclined so I’m having difficulty troubleshooting. Can anyone offer assistance?

Which modules do you have installed / configured?

It could be the modules installed, or the attack was made before you loaded up the game, in that case you will have to make a new attack.

If you could provide some kind of list of modules that would be great!

You can also check console (f12 → console) for any red errors, screenshot them, and we can have a look! :smiley:

I’ve tried loading and reloading the game several times; this issue’s been persisting for a week or two with no luck. I’ve also tried activating and deactivating all of the modules too and that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Here’s the mods I have goin’:

And I’m not seeing any error messages that pop up on the console tab, but I’ll show you what I’m seeing:


and then nothing at all shows up after I’ve clicked attack in the chat box prompt.

Ah ha! I realized that it had been a while since I updated the actual game system. Updating it solved my issue and I’m all good! Much thanks!

Good to hear. Glad you got it sorted.

Have a look at these modules you might find useful:

Tidy UI
Find the Culprit
Forien’s Copy Environment
Argon Combat Hud
Combat Carousel

There are many that add useful functionality to your game.

Here’s the full list I have installed at the moment. There are a few in there I’m testing but not actively used yet, they sounded interesting.

Active Modules:

Ace library v;
Alternative Pause Icon v;
Argon - Combat HUD v;
Automated Animations v;
Baileywiki Maps Pack v;
Better Rolls for 5e v;
Better Roofs v;
Better Target v;
Beyond20 companion module v;
Chat Images v;
Chat Portrait v;
Chat Scrolling v;
Combat Carousel v;
Combat Ready! v;
Combat Ready! Themes Pack v;
Combat Utility Belt v;
Compendium Folders v;
D&D Beyond Importer v;
DFreds Convenient Effects v;
Dice So Nice! v;
Dice Tray v;
DnD5e Drag Ruler Integration v;
Drag Ruler v;
Dungeon Draw v;
Dynamic Active Effects SRD v;
Dynamic effects using Active Effects v;
Everybody Look v;
Find the culprit v;
Forien’s Copy Environment v;
Foundry Community Macros v;
FXMaster v;
GM Screen v;
Item Macro v;
JB2A - Patreon Complete Collection v;
Levels v;
lib - Color Settings v;
Library - Find the Path v;
Library: Scene Packer v;
libWrapper v0;
Link Item and Resource DnD5e v;
Magic Items v;
Midi QOL v;
Minimal UI v;
Monk’s Active Tile Triggers v;
Monk’s TokenBar v;
Monk’s Wall Enhancement v;
mookAI - An AI for your mooks v;
Moulinette Core v;
Multiface Tiles v;
Multilevel Tokens v;
MyBeyond - D&D 5e Character Sheet Theme v;
Not Enough NPCs: A 5e NPC Generator v;
Parallaxia v;
Patrol v;
Perfect Vision v;
Pings v;
Polyglot v;
PopOut! v;
Quick Encounters v;
Reset Movement v;
Search Anywhere v;
Sequencer v;
Settings Extender v;
socketlib v;
Splatter v;
Tagger v;
The Forge: More Awesomeness v;
Tidy UI - Game Settings v;
Times Up v;
Token Attacher v;
Token Magic FX v;
Token Mold v;
Torch v;
Universal Battlemap Importer v;
Vehicles and Mechanisms v;
VTTA Core v;
VTTA D&D Beyond Integration v;
VTTA Tokens v;
Wall Height v;
World Anvil Integration v;
World Anvil Integration - Actors v;
World Anvil Integration - Custom secrets v;

Inactive Modules: