Unable to 'Launch My Game', shows "Error launching game: ENOTCONN: socket is not connected"

I have refreshed several times, and rebooted my computer. Can’t get my world to open, I’m not over any data limits. Please investigate if there is a server issue.

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presently having a problem with a game I’m in, too. Are any of your players showing “internal server error”?

Same here, getting “Unable to access license file” on most pages, unable to restart server, unable to load into game :frowning:

Same here! Cannot connect to my games :frowning:

We were all connected and it looks like foundry tanked. Now on the “Your Games” page there is an error, "Error communicating with Foundry VTT. Conect ECONNREFUSED

I am getting this error message:

Error communicating with Foundry VTT: connect ECONNREFUSED

It just started happening a few minutes ago.

Same error here, can anyone help?

Hey there, please see ECONNREFUSED- What it is and how to fix
Usually when this occurs, it is because Foundry is starting up and not responding to requests, such as when it is loading large packages or when it is migrating world data.

In most cases, simply waiting a minute before accessing the server again allows access. If this does not work, please check your Foundry server logs from The Forge to see if Foundry is logging an error indicating that it is not able to start up.