Unable to launch imported campaign + forge becomes unresponsive

I used the R20Exporter to export a campaign from roll20 as a .zip then used the R20Converter to turn it into world on my local foundry. No errors during the process.

I imported the world using the Summon Import Wizard, and once again no errors but I do notice that my foundry version is 9.269 but the imported campaign is showing foundry version 9.245. However, when I try to launch the world I get an error stating "Error: Required field “name” not present in ItemData. Checking the various databases I do not find any KVPs missing the name key nor missing a value for the name key.

However, when checking the R20Converter output I do see many instances of "Creating Handout: ". I also find unnamed folders in the .zip file in various locations. For example, there is a folder named “pages” and within that there is a folder named “059 - Untitled”. Inside that folder there is a page.json with a KVP that does not contain a value for the name key.

I also tried using the Summon Import Wizard targeting the .zip file. The result is the same as when targeting the local world.

When trying to launch a world in this way it appears to cause my foundry in forge to hang up for a long period of time.

Try this:
On Roll20, delete ALL instances of the Playing Card Deck (that Roll20 insists on shoving into EVERY World ever).

Export with R20Exporter
Convert with R20Converter

Upload to Forge again

We’ve seen some instances of that Card Deck holding things up when FoundryVTT on Forge is trying to upgrade things to the current data structure.

Also, NEVER point Summon Import Wizard at a R20Exporter zip file, you’ll upload a bunch of images, but no FoundryVTT world, since that zip has not and will not ever contain FoundryVTT Info.

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Thank you for the advice. I did not create the campaign in question so while I did delete the deck he manually created there is a default deck that apparently can only be deleted by copying the campaign but choosing not to copy over the decks. I am currently waiting for the creator to do this.

In the meantime do you think that the unnamed folders are an issue as well? If there were just a few I would add a name to each folder and its corresponding JSON but there are so many I would rather not spend the time if it is not likely to be the issue.

I doubt it, honestly. Try the Card Deck deletion on the Roll20 side first, then see what happens from there.

What is R20 Exporter? I asked the Roll20 support staff and they never talked about it… I have four campaigns to export at the moment!

Many thanks.

Not something to ask the Roll20 Support Staff about.

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Thanks a lot! That will save me so much time…

I did miss some entries with invalid names.

To fix the issues I extracted the exported campaign then:

  1. I renamed any folder without a name and updated the json file inside the folder to have the same name value as I renamed the folder to
  2. Opened each .db file in the ‘data’ folder in Visual Studio Code and added a name to anything without one. You can search for “name”:“” to find any KVPs that do not have a name. If you are searching for how to edit a foundry .db file literally every example that comes up will tell you not to edit the db files directly but to do it in game so that info propagates out correctly. I had to edit the file directly because the game would not launch in its current state so I could not edit entities from withing the game.

Which version of the converter did you use? Because it’s been I think over a year since I added an auto-fallback to always specify a name in the db even for characters/scenes without a name (“Unnamed Scene” for example).
The latest version is 0.11.6