Ultra d20 [FREE] [Playtest]

Hello everyone. I’m a long term DM, who has really been enjoying Foundry VTT since I picked it up last year.

My History

I’ve been running games since 1993 mainly in the D20 group of games. I started with Basic D&D, and ran games all the way through 3.5. I then moved on to Pathfinder, did my time in 4th and 5th, before making the leap to PF2E.

Through all of this time, I’ve collected bits and pieces in all of these systems that I think are the best parts of the game. That’s why I’m developing Ultra, an amalgamation of all of the best parts IMHO.

My campaign world is a homebrew alternate timeline, but spans back to 1998. When I started playing in a cohesive world just as 3rd edition D&D came out, my players have attained lordship, heroic status and even godhood, making a truly living world.

Ultra D20

I’m running a playtest of the system, Ultra and would like to run it weekly. I’ll be introducing some of the system differences each game, culminating in a truly epic adventure. Starting characters will be pre-generated, but those that make it to game #3 will have the chance to take what they have learned and build a character from the ground up.

Some basic concepts that may pique your interest are:

  • All spells have a “cantrip” version that can be used while you have the spell slotted
  • All ability scores never cap out and have a constant passive effect that is useful
    • Con adds to all healing, and temporary hit points
    • Dex to Hit with all weapons
    • Str to Damage with most weapons
  • Magic Weapons and Armor truly feel magical
    • No more “+1 Acrobatics” major magic items, instead that +1 to Acrobatics will grant you an extra d20, giving you additional chances at success

If you can hear the call to adventure, please tag me below or reach out directly!

hey whens the adventure :slight_smile:

As soon as we’ve got 3-4 players, I’ll be good to share the wiki and get moving.

Hey do you have any room

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hey is there any room??

Yes, I’m just starting to get the group together for this. I’ll send you a DM.