Hi Forge and Foundry Friends!

I’m running a heavily modified version of PF2E with a small group willing to try something new, but familiar.

If you are interested in helping play test some races and classes (of your choice) in a weekly game, please let me know.

This is designed to be an ongoing campaign, but give room for players to make new characters when they feel like it, with boons for staying with a concept all the way through.

I am available most days of the week from 5pm - 11pm PST and will accommodate the group’s preferences.

Some highlights of the system include:

  • Unbound Ability Scores
  • Damage that scales with you as you get more proficient
  • Spell lines that evolve
  • More actions per round
  • No such thing as a dump stat

Reach out via DM or reply here and we can connect on discord!


I’m down for it! Let me know if you still have a spot.

Yes! I’ll message you.

I’m interested
I’m in the UK

What day(s) time(s)

Are you playing

I’m interested time zone CST work nights.