(Tuesday) Outlaws of Alkenstar! An Adventure of Gunplay and Clockwork

[Time]: Tuesdays @7pm EST
[Platform]: Foundry/Discord
[Requirements]: Mic, Browser, StartPlaying account (free), & Forge VTT account (free)
[Summary]: Outlaws of Alkenstar Adventure Path (2/6 players)

A gang of outlaws, each with their own grudge against the villains who wronged them, must join forces to get their revenge. In the steam-powered city of Alkenstar, where most business is as orderly as the hands on a clock, these rugged antiheroes will have to go against the grain if they’re to settle their vendettas.

Will the vigilantes have enough firepower to cut a path through Alkenstar’s soot-stained streets? Or will they, like so many others, get swallowed up by the ever-churning gears of the City of Smog?

In the heart of the war-torn Mana Wastes, a metropolis of industry, innovation, and intrigue awaits travelers hardy enough to make the journey. Beneath the towering gaze of brass spires and stone fortresses, amid a tangle of oil-slicked streets and soot-stained alleys, human inventors and their clockwork creations walk beside mutated gnoll scavengers, bronze-masked religious zealots, and fire-fleshed geniekin merchants. Many spend their days toiling without respite in grimy workshops or smoky factories. Others patrol the cobblestone streets for their fortunes, one hand firmly on their holstered sidearms, ready to confront a rival gang or runaway bounty. All the while, pistons, gears, and cogs within every machine and building turn as steadily as the hands of a clock, all maintaining the mechanical rhythm of a settlement that never truly sleeps. This is Alkenstar, the City of Smog.

Outlaws of Alkenstar begins in the eponymous city. Whether your character is Alkenstar-born, a first- or second-generation immigrant, or a total newcomer, it’s worthwhile to master some of the City of Smog’s basic nomenclature.
[Costs]: $20 USD per session ($21.69 USD with the processing fee)

Official Paizo Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpOV0VuM3hg
StartPlaying Adventure Page: https://startplaying.games/adventure/cltyx0enh00zc08i7asyu9zav