Troubleshooting large fog data file

My fog.db file has increased to about 14MB, which is two thirds of the total size of my world’s data folder and I suspect is causing slower load times for my players. While I’m not certain what caused this increase, I suspect it may have something to do with earlier experiments involving the Fog Manager module (which I no longer use but which modifies the fog layer).

Is there any way to tell which scene(s) are contributing most to the fog.db size, or otherwise troubleshoot the issue?

the fog data size is dependent on the number of players and the number of scenes you have. The size will generally be large because for each player, there would be basically a full sized image (of black and transparent areas) that defines the fog of war… for each scene.
Do note however that the fog.db file is the one exception in the foundry data, and it does not get downloaded at load time, only when a scene is viewed and only by the user for their own fog of war, so it shouldn’t have any impact on your load time/performance.
I believe you can clear some of that data by simply deleting scenes or resetting the fog of war of the scenes.

Got it - thanks for the quick response.