Troubleshooting in Forge/Foundry

Some troubleshooting in Forge/Foundry :smiley:

First of all,

Keep everything updated.

Update your Foundry system to the latest stable version and update the system to the latest version.

Disable all your modules and try again.

Do not be scared, all your settings for those modules will be safe, and nothing will break, just re-enable them.

Check if Hardware acceleration is on.

To check this, it depends on your browser, please follow one of these links:
Microsoft Edge

Enable Acceleration in Chrome

To quickly just check if Acceleration is on, you can just paste `chrome://settings/?search=hardware` into your browser. If it isn't on, you can follow these steps

Press the three dots in the top right of the browser.


Select Settings.

Scroll to the bottom and open up the “advanced” section.

Head over to system, and make sure Hardware acceleration is on.

Enable Acceleration in Firefox

Head over to the top right of your browser, to the three striped crossing.


Then press Options.

After getting to options you should go to general.
And down to Performance.
Un-check the “Use recommended user settings” and check that Hardware acceleration is on.
If it isn’t on, enable it.

Enable Acceleration in Microsoft Edge

First, press the three dots in the top right corner, to then go to `settings`.


Then press System

And make sure Hardware Acceleration is on