Trouble with the Configure Scene - getting the "Scene background height must be a positive integer"

Hi all, been enjoying Forge/Foundary VTT so far but I’m still a complete newb. When fiddling with a scene configuration (specifically trying to set it to a lower darkenss level) I keep getting the above error text when I try to make any changes. All integers I can find on the page are positive ones and I have not changed the scene dimentions. Not sure what I might have done here haha.

I have no idea why it does that and I can’t say I’ve seen this error before.
I took the liberty of checking that scene’s data directly from my side and I can’t see anything wrong with it either, the scene height being 3000 which is a positive integer.
I don’t know if you figured out the issue and fixed it (you posted the question 6 hours ago so maybe you had time to find a solution), if not, I’ll poke someone from the Foundry team to see if they can shed some light on the issue.



Unfortunately I have not yet found a work-around.

I’ve also noticed that the configure screen window won’t close once the error triggers with the X on the top right. It will still minimize. It will close if you select save changes then no. Thankfully I didn’t need to make any changes around while i was playing on Monday and I don’t need the scene anymore. Feel free to fiddle with it as much as you guys want. I’ll let you know if it happens on another scene and try to note what I was doing/changing.


Looks like you’re hitting this bug: which is slated to be part of the FoundryVTT 0.7.7 release.

You could perhaps try bumping down to 0.7.5, see if the behavior is different, but I honestly have no idea if it will be or not.

The error says “Scene background height” so I don’t think that’s the token, I also had checked all the tokens and tiles in that scene, nothing had any negative values, I really don’t know what that might be. Could it be that it’s a module that tries to change the scene dimensions when it gets saved ?