Trouble with deselecting tokens

Not a major thing, but I cannot deselect without clicking on another token or hitting ESC. I have the deselect module activated.

This started recently (I think it was when I updated my foundry version). It’s not a super major thing, but it makes combat really annoying (that’s when hitting ESC becomes the only option to deselect, which closes the turn tracker window off and closes down any monsters stats I have open before letting me deselect… which I then have to go and reopen…).

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hello! So in later versions, especially the 0.7.4 and later, the deselect module is depricated.
You can now go into settings and enable it.
Core Settings

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OMG. Thank you so much for that. So simple!

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Here I was with my half written response, and never posted it… I was wondering why I had opened my Foundry game in one of my tabs but I couldn’t remeber… now I know, I wanted to take that screenshot to finish this response :man_facepalming:
Thanks @Kevin for taking over :smiley:

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