Trouble importing character sheet from D&D Beyond after leveling up

I’m trying to update my character after leveling up, we’ve tried creating the character from scratch, importing a different character, using different import options and only importing one thing at a time, but nothing seems to change my sheet in forge. This happened right after we hit lvl 3, and as a ranger, I chose gloomstalker as an archetype. I was first contemplating if the gloomstalker archetype was the problem, but even after switching, it still didnt update.
Is there any way you could help me fix this? We’ve been trying to fix it for about a week now, but no progress. I was able to swap out the character-sheet with a hastily made character in lvl 1, but when I tried switching back to the lvl 3 ranger, nothing happened… I also seem to be the only one in the campaign having this problem, and it’s becoming a bit stressful to use both the Forge sheet, and double check from the D&D beyond sheet at the same time.
Hope for a quick fix!
All the best -Maddox

This is not a Forge issue.

I assume you’re using VTTA - DnDBeyond, stop using that for character imports, and switch to ddb-importer. It’s by MrPrimate, who wrote most of the character parsing for VTTA - DnDBeyond.

Thank you for quick reply, is this something I as a player can do, or is it something the DM must do on his end? Do I have to download something or is there a way to do this from within Forge? Not super tech-savvy, and I couldn’t find an easy explanation after a quick google search.

DM will have to install the ddb-importer Module