Trixie's Tavern is looking for Adventurer's! -Table Availability 5 nights on Foundry-multi-level Characters needed

DM - Trixie

Game System: dnd5e - Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Somewhat homebrew style as players are not held to PHB+1

When do you play: Foundry on Forge - Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday.

Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
Strixhaven- year 4 - Level 9,
Curse of Strahd - Level 6,
Candlekeep (2 groups) -Level 20+ / Level 14/15 ,
Tasha’s Adventures - Homebrew (based on TCE) - Level 20+,
Wanderers of Faerun - Homebrew (Quests to D&D 5e settings in Faerun) - Level 9.

Additional Details:
Please see our Facebook page and Google Calendar below to find days and time of games, as well as DM name, and description of each game. $15.00 per person per session.

ages 16+ please. ALL INCLUSIVE GROUP. Ages 16+ preferred.

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